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Elafonissos, like ... summer!

My last year summer started in Elafonissos. A new company with a positive spirit, convinced us to cross the Peloponnese, with final destination Neapolis at Laconia.


Ark Festival: Finally!

The economy goes from bad to worse, friends between a smile and frustration, soccer to at lowest point, Federer from bad to worse and only the concerts are good but this all there is.


Protagon: What Eurobond?

Since the crisis, European leaders responded to the proposals for a Eurobond with a characteristic sequence of spasmodic reactions. The first reaction was absolute denial and trying to ignore the proposers.


Protagon: Clouds in the eastern Mediterranean

Turkeys choice to stand up to Israel and assert the role of "opponent awe" in the Middle East didnt happen yesterday. In 2009, when Erdogan raised his voice to Peres at Davos, many analysts interpreted the Turkish prime minister's ambition to build a leading role for his country in the Arab world.


Protagon: The danger and the responsibility

"Anyone who invests politically in the speculation of arising problems and does not contribute to the national effort by finding solutions, has no sense of danger or consciousness of national responsibility."



Specialty shops in Athens

Clothes and jewelery shopping guide.

Best confectionary shops

Who are those guys?

Socrates retried and acquitted- but worries on human judgment persist

Thanassis Vengos- actor, martyr, saint

Editor's Choice

Zagori: Villages hidden behind mountains

Zagori is an area of great natural beauty and unique architecture in the Pindus Mountains in Epirus in Northwestern Greece. The area is of about 1.000 square kilometers and contains 46 villages. Zagoria villages is called by Greeks “Zagorochoria” meaning the villages behind the mountain.



In 1989, Professor of Byzantine Studies, Helen Ahrweiler is appointed Chairman of the Cultural Centre Pompidou in Paris

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