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O Tzitzikas and O Mermigas


It’s no secret why O Tzitzikas and O Mermigas packs them in everyday. They consistently serve some of the best food in downtown Athens. The charming décor, walls stacked high with Greek products, the simple tables with silverware stashed in the draw, the bread, olives and shot glass of tsipoura all served before you place your order makes you understand that this place had figured it out. With four locations scattered around Athens you are never far from this excellent restaurant.The Tziztigas Salad is a meal, share it with one or two people. Many dishes inspired from recipes of the Greeks in Constantinople.


Inquire about their guesthouse Mazaraki and organic restaurant in Southern Greece just outside of the historic town of Mystras.

12-14, Metropoleos
Metro: Syntagma
210 324 7607

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