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Iolas Alexandros

A man, who started as a great dancer with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, then became a ballet director and later a world-renowned art-manager with galleries in Paris, New York, Geneva, Madrid, Rome, and Milan. He is considered as the promoter of such great artists of the 20th century, as Max Ernst, Magritte, Dali, Kandinsky, and Andy Warhol. He was born Konstantinos Katsoudis, in Alexandria, and he owes his name Alexandros Iolas to the granddaughter of Roosevelt, Theodora, whom he intended to marry.

In 1927, with the poetry of Kavafis in his hands, he went to Greece, ready to absorb the beauty of its art and architecture. Cavafis had given him recommendation letters for Sikelianos, Palamas and Mitropoulos. From then on, his journey to the world, which led to international fame as well as controversy, was launched. In 1935 he moved to the US and his association with the intellectual and social elite began. He was an unpredictable personality and enjoyed flamboyancy. He supported the avant-guard and fought the American Puritanism of the 1940s and 1950s. "I used art, I exploited so that it doesn't disappear", he used to say.

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Metaksopoulos Fotis

Fotis Metaksopoulos is a famous Greek dancer and choreographer. He was born in Athens, Greece in 1935. By the age of five he “lost” his mother and lived with his father.

Stellatou Angeliki

Angeliki Stellatou was born in Athens 1963 and is a world famous dancer and choreographer. The majority of the people know her as the “Saint of Movemnt”.

Dimitris Papaioannou

Dimitris Papaioannou holds a unique position in the area of Greek avant-garde art and ficulture. His name is highly associated to the Olympic games, Athens 2004, since he was the director of the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

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In 1989, Professor of Byzantine Studies, Helen Ahrweiler is appointed Chairman of the Cultural Centre Pompidou in Paris

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